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Paradigm Podcast will bring timely and relevant information to family offices and high net worth individuals on private wealth management topics. Paradigm Group will interview guests from within the firm and centers of influence outside the firm.

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Corporate Cash Management - Rising Interest Rates Provide New Opportunities


Please join Paradigm Group and Tom Cameron from UBS Asset Management for a conversation on cash and liquidity management. With short-term interest rates increasing, company founders and executives now have an opportunity to generate meaningful income on short term cash balances. Tom and the team will discuss the new environment for interest rates and walk through some strategies executives can deploy to capitalize on their liquidity in a conservative, risk-managed approach.

Forming Advisory Boards - Benefits for CEOs and Business Owners


Paradigm Group is joined by Barry Selvidge, a partner at Newport LLC. Barry’s experience as a founder and executive enables him to provide unique insight and counsel to early stage and middle market companies hoping to accelerate growth and prepare for exit. The team will discuss the topic of forming advisory boards and how they can be beneficial to CEOs and business owners.

Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) - Potential Tax Benefits


Colin is joined by Brandon Smith, CPA of Lindsay & Brownell, LLP for a conversation of the potential tax benefits of the Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) exemption. The team discusses what QSBS is, how business owners can use it, and provides an example of how impactful the potential tax savings can be.

Hiring Issues - What Can Business Owners do About it?


On this episode of Paradigm Podcast, Colin is joined by Brian Rose, Senior US Economist within UBS' Chief Investment Office, for a discussion on the ongoing hiring difficulties and job shortages facing business owners today. Colin and Brian discuss the economics behind the issues, what UBS is seeing going forward, and some strategies that business owners can use to excel during this time.

S&P 500 Goes to 5,000, Plus Other Timely Market Items with David Lefkowitz


On this episode of Paradigm Podcast, we are discussing UBS’s recent piece about the S&P 500 potentially going to 5,000 by the end of next year, as well as other market-relevant news, including the Delta variant, its effects on the market, and portfolio implications. We’ll also touch on the Lambda variant and the impending debt ceiling debate. For this discussion, Stephen is joined by the newest member of Paradigm Group, Colin Parker. Colin recently joined our team from the UBS Private Wealth Management office in San Francisco where he advised ultra-high net worth families and institutions on portfolio management and financial planning strategies. Stephen and Colin welcome back David Lefokowitz, Head of Equities Americas in our Chief Investment Office. He has 25 years of experience as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and strategist and is a member of the Wealth Management Americas Asset Allocation Committee.

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