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Staying up to date with the changing world of personal finance is important, and so is your time. We keep you informed with short monthly thoughts on investing, planning, and the investment markets. Take just a few moments to learn more about a lifetime of planning with Lifetime Wealth Management.

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2021: What we got right, what we got wrong, and what we see for 2022


In this episode we take a brief look back at 2021. We look forward into 2022 discussing “The year of two halves” and what we see as opportunities and risks.

4th Quarter market update, supply chain issues, and how did we get here?


In this episode we have an interview with David Lefkowitz, Head of Equities of the Chief Investment Office UBS Americas. We talk about how the equity markets got to this point, what our forecast is, and supply chain issues.”

Market Update, Pragmatic Optimism, and Dolphins in Wales.


In this episode we discuss why our view remains positive alongside some potential challenges.

Mid-Year Market Update, The Olympics, And More Practice


In this episode we talk about the equity markets mid-year status and how financial planning and the Olympics are not that far apart.

Time Perspective, Wormless Pockets, and Addie The Lamb


In this episode we answer a few questions about market highs, low interest rates, and the national debt. We also take a look at the importance of time perspective as it relates investing in planning.

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