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I created this podcast series for clients and members of the broader investor community who are looking for immediate access to superior thought leadership. Each episode delivers news you can use in a convenient format, along with personal insights and commentary from an experienced UBS Financial Advisor. Listen to the latest episode to hear a breakdown of important new investment themes or contact me directly to learn more. 

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Life, Work and Money with Langley Respess

In this podcast we interview creative, energetic and influential people to see what makes them tick, and to understand the secrets of their success.

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Langley Respess

16. Can I trust my Trust? And what the heck is a Trustee?


In this episode I interview Alex Gillot of Cumberland Trust Company. We try to make sense of all the terms that go into managing a trust: What is a trust? What is a trustee? How does a trust work? This interview will be very helpful to anyone involved in the estate planning process.

15. Making Sense of Social Security


My guest today is Elaine Simmons. Elaine is a nationally acclaimed expert on Social Security. On this episode we discuss a number of topics regarding Social Security: When should I start planning for Social Security? Can I collect when I am still employed? How can I maximize what I receive? What is the difference between a survivor benefit and a spousal benefit? We cover these questions and more. You don’t want to miss the information on this podcast!

14. The Psychology of Investing


My guest is Mike Graci, a Director in the Advisor Insights team with Blackrock, one of the largest asset management firms in the world. In this episode we discuss several different pitfalls investors face, and ideas on how to overcome these mental mistakes. We talk about how envy, regret and confirmation bias can prompt investors to do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. This podcast will be especially useful to investors in times of market volatility and uncertainty. I hope you learn something that will help you make better investment decisions when times are tough!

13. Entrepreneurship, All Over Again: Post Covid Reinvention


My guest today is Moira Vetter, the CEO of Modo Modo Agency. In this episode Moira discusses how she and her team have learned to be flexible and look for new opportunities during the pandemic. From branding to strategy to human resources, businesses have had to reconsider every aspect of their operations. This is a terrific message for any entrepreneur ready to make the changes necessary to succeed going forward, and to embrace entrepreneurship, all over again.

12. What is the Metaverse?


Today my guests are Kevin Dennean and Reid Gilligan of UBS. They are equity research analysts in the UBS Chief Investment Office. Kevin and Reid cover a wide range of technology themes in their work, and today we will be talking about a very hot topic, the Metaverse. So what is the Metaverse any way? Well, it is a subject of much discussion in the media and could well represent the next big thing ushered in by the internet age. Many different industries are poised to be disrupted by the changes wrought by this new virtual construct: education, travel and gaming, just to name a few. So take a listen and learn more about the Metaverse. It’s coming soon to a computer near you!

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