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I created this podcast series for clients and members of the broader investor community who are looking for immediate access to superior thought leadership. Each episode delivers news you can use in a convenient format, along with personal insights and commentary from an experienced UBS Financial Advisor. Listen to the latest episode to hear a breakdown of important new investment themes or contact me directly to learn more. 

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Life, Work and Money with Langley Respess

In this podcast we interview creative, energetic and influential people to see what makes them tick, and to understand the secrets of their success.

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Langley Respess

25. What has the Rise in Interest Rates Done to the Housing Market? And how Should Buyers and Sellers Respond?


In this episode I interview Tracy Morton and Erin Yabroudy, two very experienced agents in the residential real estate market. We discuss how rising rates have affected home prices, what buyers and sellers should expect, and what buyers are looking for in a home.

24. Geopolitics and Global Economics, with Admiral Jonathan Greenert


In this episode I interview the former Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathon Greenert. We discuss how the current geopolitical situation affects trade, policy and the wealth of nations. We talk about China, Russia, and Ukraine, and how the maneuvering of global powers affects all of us.

23. The Future of Extended Reality with Annie Eaton of Futurus


In this episode we discuss the future of Extended Reality, XR, with Annie Eaton, the CEO of Futurus. She talks about the use cases of XR, and how she started Futurus with nothing but an idea and hard work. This is a fascinating exploration of virtual and mixed reality, and anyone with an interest in these technologies should listen.

22. Interview with Patrick Coyne and Lyle Newkirk of SeatonHill Regarding Transaction Readiness


In this episode I interview Patrick Coyne and Lyle Newkirk of SeatonHill, a strategic CFO partnership. We discuss how entrepreneurs can ensure their company is transaction ready when the time is ripe for the sale of the business, a debt or equity raise, or any of the other various financial transactions that can add value for shareholders.

21. What's Happening With This Crazy Market? And What Can I Do About It?


In this episode I am interviewed by Dan Cassidy of UBS and we discuss the recent market turmoil, and ideas for how to navigate choppy markets.

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