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Profiles in Business with Jared Papin

In this podcast we explore the lives of business owners and their entrepreneurial journey.

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Profile of Shawn Robek, Founder of FIX Body Group


After a snowboarding accident almost led to physical paralysis, Shawn decided he would do what he could to remove as many obstacles as he could for others who wanted to continue doing what they love to do.

Profile of Gayle Falkenthal, Founder of Falcon Valley Group


How family dinner discussions, and a passion for learning, helped this founder become a successful entrepreneur.

Profile of Jim Mumford, Founder of Good Earth Plants and GreenScaped Buildings


How an early love for nature led to a start on a street corner plant shop and eventually to an edible plant wall at a famous L.A. restaurant.

Profile of Daniel Altenburg, Co-Founder of Zipdev


As a champion lobster-eater, and a talent agency entrepreneur, Daniel Altenburg encourages other entrepreneurs to try new things and always deliver amazing customer service.

Profile of Jennifer Barnes, CEO and Founder of Optima Office


When you have a clear vision of what clients want, sometimes leaving the comfort of an existing position, and taking a leap into the unknown, is exactly what's needed, for you and your clients.

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