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A Wealthy Imagination

Through his earnest and humorous conversations, Colin Murphy seeks to broach a variety of topics with the goal of personal growth and development. His unique approach to storytelling weaves anecdotes from the past to the present in a way that's illuminating and dynamic. Murphy engages with guests in the hopes of highlighting their unique perspective for the common collective consciousness.

UBS advisor podcasts

Pulling Back The Curtain - Insights into the evolution of practice management


Conversation with Brie Williams. Pulling back the curtain; a chance for clients to gain insight into the evolving world of practice management. Adding qualitative value in a quantitative industry- and how women led the charge in shaping the changes that redefined our industry.

Colin Interviews Sarah Salomon of UBS.


Sarah is a Senior Strategist with Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, Sarah works with families on understanding money, values and philanthropic intent in the context of family wealth. Sarah discusses family meetings using a facilitator, going from Monarch to Mentor and how it can help families bond. "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Food as medicine. Adding a fork to our medical tool kit.


Colin interviews CEO and Founder of SavorHealth, Susan Bratton. They explore how nutrition can be a powerful tool in battling health issues. Whether you or someone you love is battling a powerful disease or you want to live your best life, hiring a nutritionist is a great investment.

What every business owner needs to know about selling their business.


Colin interview's investment banker Dan Roth. Their conversation explores everything a business owners should be thinking about when contemplating their future. Dan's experience and knowledge are highlighted in this frank conversation about mistakes that are made.

Navigating Death and Grief Part 3


Third part of a three part series interview with best-selling Author Rachel Kodanaz. She navigated her own tragedy with the sudden death of her husband, leaving her to raise their 2 year old little girl. Rachel has written three books, blogs, and been a guest on other podcasts and even appeared on Good Morning America. Part 3 is a discussion around possession of a deceased partner or child.

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