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Finance Made Easy with Carin, Kelli & EB

Finance Made Easy is hosted by Carin Thomas, Kelli Puhl and Elizabeth "EB" Engelmann. Carin, Kelli and EB are UBS Financial Advisors with years of experience whose goal is to make understanding money easy and fun. These lively conversations cover everything from money management and investing to budgeting and managing your credit and debt. Financial education can seem like a scary or dull topic but we're here to break it down and make it easier with our guidance and expertise.

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Becoming a Widow


This episode will dive into the first steps a widow should take to get organized with their financial situation. This is such a confusing and sad time, we want to help share some tips that can make your life a little easier moving forward.

Returning to Work after the Pandemic


This episode we discuss what habits you may have adopted during the pandemic, things that we would like to continue doing after the pandemic, and things we would like to focus on moving forward.

Financial steps to take during a pandemic


In this podcast we talk about different steps you can take with your finances during the recent pandemic and economic recession.

In the Financial Life of a Military Family


In this episode we talk with Stacey Michels about the unique financial challenges and different things a Military family should think about when it comes to their financial life.

Financial Strategies for a new Business Owner


In this podcast we talk about hard financial decisions you need to make and the different things you should think about when starting a business.

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