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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Markets continue to take world news in stride, trading near all-time highs—can this continue (0:36)? Jeff Kilburg from KKM Financial provides his thoughts on market performance (10:29). As we continue in 2021, what is the Next Big Thing in investing (21:13)?

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What’s trending today

As markets sort out news out of Washington and potential concerns about new strains of COVID-19, what should investors be focusing on today?

35,000 Feet

Jeff Kilburg from KKM Financial provides his take on recent market action and what you could expect in the weeks ahead.

Let’s talk about money

While last year was dominated by market volatility, we did see some innovation that could give us a hint to what could emerge on top this year – so what, then, will be the Next Big Thing?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Yields in Treasuries are on the rise, reaching levels not seen since early 2020–what’s prompting them and is this the time to invest (0:40)?  We also focus the lens on Sustainable Investing (09:32) and discuss the hottest consumer trends for 2021 (20:40).

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

US politics—what’s on tap and what do you need to know today (0:41)? Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show and the most exciting tech trends for 2021 (11:41). Also, get set for your financial planning resolutions for the new year (22:48).

Monday, January 11, 2021

We set the table for the week ahead in the markets (0:40), see what data the Evidence Lab has for us on proposed policy agendas (10:29) and answer commonly asked questions about Sustainable Investing (and clear up some misconceptions) (20:40).


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US President-elect Biden unveiled aspirations for roughly USD1.9tn of fiscal stimulus. The practical question is how much passes Congress (and how quickly, given US President Trump’s trial). Support for state governments and raising the minimum wage will be difficult. Increasing direct payments to US citizens may be easier.

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The ECB’s account of its December meeting is due, but this is not likely to excite investors that much. ECB President Lagarde is not shy about speaking in public, and the signals of where the ECB policy is going (i.e. nowhere) are very clear to investors.

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