Proper diversification and risk management are the essential elements of a sound investment strategy. When properly implemented in a portfolio, nontraditional investments can help lower overall portfolio risk and potentially increase returns.

UBS Financial Advisors have access to a wide array of nontraditional investments, including:

Alternative investments

These instruments traditionally include hedge funds, managed futures, private equity and real estate funds. Because their returns generally do not closely track those of the broader stock market, these instruments can provide increased portfolio diversification.

Structured products

Structured products are flexible financial instruments that generally combine many of the characteristics of a bond with certain features and risks of the structured product’s underlying asset. Like a bond, a structured product is issued by a corporation, usually an investment grade financial company, and is subject to the credit risk of the issuer. Unlike a bond, a structured product is linked to an underlying asset and may offer some or all of the upside growth as well as the downside market risk of the underlying asset. Regardless of its features, all payments on a structured product are made by its issuer, and if the issuer is unable to pay its obligations when due, investors may lose some or all of their investment. When properly incorporated into your portfolio, these products can offer the opportunity to reduce market risk, enhance potential returns and enhance portfolio diversification. For additional information on structured products risks, please visit: (PDF, 128 KB)

For more insight on how to select appropriate nontraditional investments to help meet your long-term goals, we invite you to connect with your UBS Financial Advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor.

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