Consider partnering with investment professionals whose experience, insights and relationship you trust. UBS Financial Advisors are committed to learning about your individual needs and offering custom investment solutions to help you address them.  

As one of the world’s leading global wealth managers, UBS offers a variety of investment advisory programs—including both non-discretionary and discretionary offerings—to help you meet your unique needs.

With the investment advisory programs available at UBS Financial Services, you can enjoy these important features, depending upon the program you select:

  • Advice and guidance from a UBS Financial Advisor
  • Personalized asset allocation and consulting
  • Asset management from in-house and third-party investment management firms
  • Ongoing due diligence of third-party money managers

UBS Managed Portfolios

UBS Managed Portfolios is a discretionary program designed to provide you with the opportunity to entrust the management of your assets to the Investment Management professionals who specialize in asset allocation, security selection and sophisticated risk management. The portfolios include stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds and are designed to align with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. The team leverages all of UBS's global resources to deliver a comprehensive investment solution to help you pursue your goals. A broad array of strategies are offered, including the UBS Managed Portfolio of Funds House View Strategy, which delivers the firm's global intellectual capital through a consistent investment process for investors seeking to implement the UBS House View.

UBS Strategic Wealth Portfolio

UBS Strategic Wealth Portfolio is a non-discretionary, unified advisory account, combining separately managed accounts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds in a single account.

Portfolio Management Program

A UBS Financial Advisor acts as your personal portfolio manager, with discretion to buy and sell the securities in your advisory account.

Separately Managed Accounts

UBS ACCESSSM and Managed Accounts Consulting are advisory programs in which affiliated and non-affiliated investment advisors manage client accounts on a discretionary basis.

UBS Strategic Advisor

UBS Strategic Advisor is a non-discretionary, advisory program designed to provide you with ongoing advice, guidance and flexibility with the simplicity of one annual asset-based fee.

Mutual Fund Advisory Program

UBS PACESM (Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation) – A UBS Financial Advisor works with you to provide an asset allocation based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, and then helps you evaluate and select mutual funds for your portfolio.

To determine which program suits your individual needs, connect with your UBS Financial Advisor or find a UBS Financial Advisor. For more information about our investment advisory programs, including fees, client suitability and program features, please refer to the UBS’s Form ADV Disclosure Brochure