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The new valuables

Investors’ purpose now: putting capital behind experiences, relationships, and helping others.


of investors say COVID-19 has changed their priorities


want to make a difference in the world


want to invest according to their values

Post-pandemic life: what’s important to us now

Get predications from Yale social scientist and physician Dr. Nicholas Christakis. Plus, UBS experts discuss newly released UBS Investor Watch research, which reveals how COVID-19 has changed our priorities, goals and plans.

What’s on your mind matters

We want to know what investors like you are thinking because it helps our thinking. Here’s what our latest surveys reveal about how investors feel about the stock market, policy, their portfolio and what’s most important right now. These insights can help us guide you to smart investment decisions.

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UBS Investor Pulse

Momentum builds for infrastructure


approve of the administration’s plan


want to pay for the plan without raising the deficit

UBS Investor Sentiment

A shot in the arm for investor confidence


of investors feel good about the market


plan to add stocks

Setting a new course

Global investors rethink health and wealth in a post-COVID world

Own your worth

Why women should take control of their wealth to achieve financial well-being

Return on values

Most sustainable investors expect better performance, bigger impact

The century club

The rising prospect of living ten decades

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