'Responding to the work I loved'

In an exclusive interview, Cecily Brown shares what inspired her to begin painting

12 Mar 2019

As a child, Cecily Brown loved drawing—a passion that blossomed into a talent for painting as she grew older. Today, oil painting and watercolor are the mediums for which the British painter is best known.

In an exclusive studio interview, Brown spoke with UBS about her influences. "Painting is a physical experience," the London-born artist says. "It’s actually very much like dance when you start. I try and keep the whole thing moving, and make sure I go back, keep it all in motion.”

Brown remembers the early mentorship of painter Maggi Hambling in vivid detail. “Maggi’s drawing classes were hugely influential on me and so was her attitude and strong character," Brown recalls. "She lent me her garage to paint in, that was my first studio. I got into Slade on the strength of my portfolio but I wouldn’t have been able to make all that work without Maggi.”

A 2012 watercolor and gouache on paper work by Brown is included in the UBS Art Collection. It is part of a series of works loosely based on the 'The Torment of St. Anthony' by Michelangelo.

UBS supports the programs and exhibitions at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humblebaek, Denmark, where Brown recently held her latest show, 'Where, When, How Often and With Whom.'

Learn more about Brown, her art and her influences. 

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