Pessimism not panic

Investors concerned but strive to stay the course

16 Mar 2020

Key takeaways

  • 35% of investors are optimistic about the S&P 500 over the short term, while 77% of investors are optimistic about the economy over the long term
  • Recession fears are on the rise, but investors are not panicking
  • For business owners, hiring plans remain positive, but depend on the level of containment of COVID-19

Against a backdrop of extreme uncertainty and volatility across global and US markets, UBS surveyed investors and business owners to get their current thinking on the economy and the impact of COVID-19.

Our findings showed that while 47% of investors were pessimistic on the short-term economy, 77% were optimistic about the long-term economy. For business owners, 37% still plan to hire more, but their outlook depends heavily on how well COVID-19 is contained. To get the full story, explore the insights below.

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