Podcast: Swimming with sharks

'Shark Tank' investor Kevin O'Leary shares insights on how to succeed in business

19 Jan 2018

Kevin O'Leary doesn't care about your feelings.

The venture capitalist appearing on ABC's reality show "Shark Tank" has a reputation for showing little patience when contestants make emotional pleas or share their life stories while pitching their business idea.

"I don't care that you had a dog named Blue in high school," says O'Leary. "You've got to tell me why I should give you money to invest and how you're going to build a business. … If the idea has no merit, I'm being their best friend by telling them, 'You're going to go to zero'."

O'Leary sat down with UBS Wealth Management Americas On-Air Host Anthony Pastore for a fascinating discussion on everything from entrepreneurship to his outlook for markets in 2018 and beyond.

Asked what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, O'Leary ticked off three key factors:

  • A great elevator pitch
  • Facility with numbers
  • Superb executional skills

For any startup creator building a business and seeking funding, "it's the jockey-and-the-horse analogy," he said. "The 'horse' is a great business idea—but it never wins the race without a good jockey on it."

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