Rethink your financing strategy. Enjoy a low rate.

Promotional rates as low as 1.50% (1.52% APR) on new UBS Premier Credit Line advances—for a limited time.

UBS Premier Credit Line: Limited-time opportunity for new, incremental fixed-rate advances

3-year: 1.50% (1.52% APR)1
5-year: 1.95% (1.98% APR)1

In today’s low interest rate environment, rethinking your existing, or upcoming, financing costs may be a smart way to improve your financial picture.

For a limited time, you may be eligible for a promotional rate on new, UBS Premier Credit Line fixed-rate advances of $25,000 or more. Or, you can take advantage of today’s near historic low-interest rate environment to access funds at an attractive variable rate .

When you leverage the borrowing power of your eligible UBS investments to establish a UBS Premier Credit Line, offered by UBS Bank USA, you may be able to explore opportunities that come your way as you pursue your long-term objectives.

Access funds for a variety of needs

  • Consolidate higher interest rate, third-party debt
  • Purchase a vacation home or investment property
  • Access liquidity for your business
  • Pay your taxes2
  • Help loved ones get a new home or start a business, or
  • Manage your cash flow in challenging times

Apply now, get access when you need it

  • There are no application fees or closing costs,3 so you can apply for a UBS Premier Credit Line at any time, and if approved, only incur costs when you borrow funds.
  • The application process is streamlined—most credit decisions made in two to three days.4
  • If you have a UBS Premier Credit Line, consider locking in a promotional rate on a new fixed-rate loan contract to help manage your financing costs.

Talk to your UBS Financial Advisor

To explore how attractive credit line rates may help you pursue your objectives for today and tomorrow.


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