Sustainable investing solutions

How UBS can help you invest for good

How much should you invest sustainably?

On average, those who invest sustainably dedicate 36% of their portfolio to sustainable investments.1 But you could do even more. With so many options available, you have ample opportunity to invest for good.

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?

What do we offer?

  • Sustainable and thematic exchange traded funds, mutual funds and separately managed accounts2
  • Tailored private investment opportunities
  • Differentiated intellectual capital and investment framework driven by a dedicated research team

What do we include in our sustainable investing asset allocation?3


+ ESG leaders equities
Equity shares in companies that are more successful than competitors in recognizing ESG challenges in their industry and employing strategies to minimize risks, as well as take advantage of opportunities that arise from them.

+ ESG improvers equities
Equity shares in companies that are demonstrating improving performance in employing strategies to minimize ESG risks, as well as take advantage of ESG opportunities, and that their momentum in this area is expected to continue.

+ ESG thematic equities
A strategy that aims to identify specific social and environmental themes and invest in equity shares of companies that stand to benefit from or directly address them.

+ ESG engagement equities
An equity investing strategy utilized by active fund managers who engage in dialogue with the companies they invest in as a core element of their approach to achieving an incremental financial, social and environmental impact.

Fixed Income

+ ESG Engagement high yield bonds
An approach where fund managers take active bond positions in issuers with credit ratings below BBB- in order to engage company management to improve their performance on ESG issues and opportunities.

+ ESG leaders corporate bonds
Conventional bonds issued by companies that demonstrate good performance on key environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria relative to their industry competitors.

+ Multilateral Development Bank Bonds
Bonds issued by multilateral development banks (MDBs). MDBs are backed by multiple governments with the aim of financing sustainable economic development.

+ Green bonds
Conventional fixed income instruments in which proceeds are earmarked specifically for projects with environmental value. Issuers include multilateral development banks, governments and corporations.

Approach sustainable investing your way

We can work with you so you will understand sustainable investing and related opportunities. Part of it is about finding the right starting point for you, based on your conviction and appetite to engage in sustainable investing.

One of the following approaches might be such a starting point for you. Whatever way, we are here to explore what works best for you:

Add it on

You might be interested to focus on a set of particular topics or themes, which you may add to your currently existing portfolio.

Run it in parallel

You may want to bring in SI by adding our SI portfolio next to your existing one. It will allow you to see how they both perform.

Switch completely

Should you want to dedicate more of your portfolio to sustainable investments, we can support you.

Why UBS?

We want to shape the future of sustainable investing. Why? Because we believe these investments can deliver returns with less risk to your money. We are also confident that sustainable investing will soon become the world's most widely accepted way of investing.

As the world’s leading wealth manager, we feel responsible for helping change things for the better. We have the capital, solutions and expertise to make a big difference globally.

These aren’t just words. We walk the talk. In 2017, we announced our intention to raise USD 5 billion in client assets over the next five years to help plug funding gaps needed to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As of 2019, we have raised $3.9 billion raised toward our commitment to direct at least $5 billion of client assets in SDG related impact investments by 20214

We drive change

How UBS is making a difference in the world

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?