Invest for good

Seek returns and drive change through sustainable investing

We're making Sustainable Investments a priority

For the first time, UBS is making sustainable investments its preferred solution for wealth management clients wishing to invest globally1. Because sustainable investments aren't just good for the planet – they can be good for investors too.

As the world's leading sustainable investment manager with nearly 25 years' experience in sustainable investing2, we managed approximately half a trillion ($488 billion) in core sustainable assets under management at the end of 2019.3  So it's only natural we're putting sustainable investing where it belongs: at the heart of what we do. 

70% of US investors surveyed are interested in sustainable investing4

Consider what matters when you invest

It’s a myth that you will give up performance when you invest sustainably. Returns can be comparable to conventional investments.5 And with companies and funds beginning to report on their social and environmental contribution, it’s getting easier to consider sustainability issues that impact companies, your portfolio and the world.

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?

Sustainable solutions

You have more choices than you think. Virtually your entire portfolio can be

Sustainable investing insights

Take a closer look at the world of sustainable investments – and discover the difference it could make for you.

Future of Earth: investing in the future of our planet

In this report, we discuss how investing in the future of our planet can yield financial, social and environmental benefits.

Sustainable Finance: Top trends for 2021

Explore our perspective on ten important trends in the sustainable finance space that could have an impact for 2021.

Sustainable Investing Perspectives

Each month, our UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office (CIO) brings you UBS Sustainable Investing Perspectives. It contains news and information that may be relevant to the way you invest.

Sustainable investing: A private investor perspective

Sustainability matters for all investors.

Sustainable investing after COVID-19

Explore the five trends arising as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and global mitigation measures.

93% of sustainable investors expect same or better returns4

Return on values

Most sustainable investors expect better performance and bigger impact. For a recent UBS Investor Watch, we surveyed more than 5,300 investors in 10 countries about sustainable investing. Explore the key findings.

Sustainability in action


A scientist designs microscopes that virtually anyone, anywhere - can build.

Climate change

Survival situation: Rob and Barney Swan risk their lives to spur action on climate change.

Pollution and waste

How one company turns plastic into a basic human need: shelter.


How some organizations are investing in every last drop.


Investing in a fair society by supporting ethical companies.

Products and services

How one organization is putting some of the most neglected parts of the world on the map again.

How do I get started?

Check your portfolio

Are you ready to consider sustainable investing solutions?

There are many opportunities to add sustainable investments to your portfolio. Ask your UBS Financial Advisor how you can do more.

Tell us what matters

So what matters to you?

What factors will make a difference in your portfolio? Climate change risk? Supply chain management or well-being of employees? Board independence?

Invest for good

Put your values in action

Decide if you want to:

  • Exclude companies with different values than yours
  • Integrate companies who reflect your values
  • Select investments that make an impact you can see

You don't have to choose just one way to invest sustainably.3 Those who already invest according to their values dedicate nearly 36% of their portfolio to sustainable investments.1

Why UBS?

We want to shape the future of sustainable investing. Why? Because we believe these investments can deliver returns with less risk to your money. We are also confident that sustainable investing will soon become the world's most widely accepted way of investing.

As the world’s leading wealth manager, we feel responsible for helping change things for the better. We have the capital, solutions and expertise to make a big difference globally.

These aren’t just words. We walk the talk. In 2017, we announced our intention to raise USD 5 billion in client assets over the next five years to help plug funding gaps needed to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As of 2019, we have raised $3.9 billion raised toward our commitment to direct at least $5 billion of client assets in SDG-related impact investments by 2021.6

We drive change

How UBS is making a difference in the world

Is your portfolio achieving the impact you want?