Lawyers, fiduciary agents and notaries

Financial advice for you, your law firm and your clients

Our experts understand the specific requirements of your industry. We analyze your financial situation from a holistic perspective and help you meet your challenges.

Our consulting services

A central contact person

Your own personal consultant for business and private financial matters

An individual team of specialists

Access to a comprehensive network of specialists

Regional roots

Local teams – in eight regions of Switzerland.

Our solutions

Our team of specialists can advise you and your family on financial matters.

  • Banking services for you and your family with innovative E-Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Individual investment strategies and asset structuring
  • Access to first-class market research and publications
  • Optimization of your pension situation, e.g. contributing to and drawing from the pension fund
  • Advice on and financing of residential property and other real estate

We attend to the financial matters of your law firm, fiduciary office or notary, freeing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

  • Efficient payment transactions and cash management, including reporting
  • Comprehensive service offers for financial transactions, from escrow and Form R accounts to complex corporate transactions
  • Advice on appropriate pension fund solutions for partners and employees
  • Corporate, investment and growth financing
  • A partner network in Switzerland and internationally

We offer banking services for your clients (natural and legal entities).

  • Wealth Management and banking services with 24/7 support
  • Cash management solutions and payment transactions in Switzerland and abroad
  • Comprehensive choice of loans and mortgages
  • Philanthropic commitments including the setting up of foundations and sustainable investment
  • Pension and succession planning
  • Court appointed custodian / guardianship

Company start-up / capital increase

Is your client planning to start a corporation (AG) or a limited liability company (GmbH) or do they need to increase their capital? We offer the most important bank services for a successful start.

Our advice – your benefits

  • Illustration of optimum private pension solutions
  • Bridging of short-term liquidity gaps
  • Active assistance with succession planning

Our experts are here for you – we look forward to speaking with you.

Preserving family values over the generations

Preserve your wealth over generations and learn about the major challenges in this respect.