UBS Opportunity Portfolio

Maximizing return potential with a cutting-edge and actively managed mandate solution

You have an entrepreneurial mindset and your needs are ambitious. You seek to exploit investment opportunities on the global markets and are willing to accept the fact that drawdowns may be possible at times. You are perfectly aware that investments cannot always be profitable in the short term, and you have a longer-term investment horizon and prefer to be invested in a highly diversified, multi-asset class portfolio with a flexible asset allocation (no benchmark).

UBS Opportunity Portfolio is addressed to capital-gains oriented investors with a high-risk profile and a longer-term investment horizon. This state-of-the-art investment solution allows us to meet your ambitious needs in your preferred reference currency (CHF, EUR, and USD). UBS Opportunity Portfolio is an innovative and actively managed discretionary mandate with a risk level similar to a global equity portfolio, exclusively offered to private clients of UBS. Seeking out global investment opportunities and using sophisticated financial engineering, it aims to maximize return and to outperform the global equity market for a similar level of risk over a 3-5 year investment horizon.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Global investment opportunities: Chance to profit from an opportunistic and unrestricted use of the global investment universe, incorporating the best research views and themes of UBS.

  • Exclusive offering: Take advantage of the possibility to scale-up risk/return characteristics of your portfolio by using financial instruments with leverage. This financial engineering process previously was unavailable to private investors.

  • Outstanding value: Benefit from potential excess return compared to global equities with a similar level of risk over a 3-5 year investment horizon.