Payment solutions for businesses Simple, efficient and safe

You and your company can count on the smooth functioning of your payment transactions. Whether for domestic or cross-border payments, we can provide you with the ideal solution for your company's needs in all payment transaction areas.

Solutions for payment transactions from a single source

Are you looking to handle your payment transactions quickly and easily? Do you want to be constantly informed of your account balances and account transactions? Would you like to display your banking transactions in your accounts and automatically compare credited amounts, all while using solutions that adjust to your existing infrastructure? As a leading Swiss bank for companies, we offer comprehensive, one-stop services – one bank for all your transactions, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Payment transactions in Switzerland

In Switzerland

Our multifaceted solutions for domestic incoming and outgoing payments help you to handle your daily payment transactions easily and efficiently.

International payment transactions


Since we are a global bank, cross-border payment transactions are our core business. You can benefit from our wide ranging services in foreign payment transactions for Swiss companies.


About your payment transactions

Payment transactions for foreign subsidiaries of Swiss companies

Does your company have subsidiaries in Germany, North America or Asia Pacific? We can provide your local offices with specialists, first-class services, and needs-oriented, high-quality solutions.

Extended cash management solutions

We can give you comprehensive cash management solutions that feature transparent reporting, efficient electronic interfaces and effective cash pooling with fully automated processes.

Making payments online

Our comprehensive online services for companies let you take care of your payments anytime and anywhere – easily, efficiently and securely. With UBS e-banking we can offer you real-time overviews of all transactions on your UBS accounts as well as data transfers of payment files and downloading of BESR files. Thanks to SEPA, you can manage euro payments to beneficiaries in around 30 countries, usually for the same cost as domestic payments. And with the Mobile Banking app you approve partially approved payments and payments entered via data transfer.


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