More security for your cards

Six tips on how to use your debit and credit cards to maintain flexible control over your accounts.

tip #1

Tip #1

Stay updated in real time – activate notifications of card movements

You bought something online with your credit card and want to be sure your card was debited the correct amount? Or you paid with your debit card and want to check the charge?

Activate push notifications and you’ll be informed of your card movements. 

tip #2

Tip #2

Act quickly in an emergency – immediately block your card

Someone stole your wallet? Or maybe you lost it? Block your credit and prepaid cards, as well as your debit card online via e-banking and mobile banking. A replacement card will be ordered for you automatically after the card has been blocked.

Tip #3

Tip #3

Plan larger expenditures more flexibly – increase your card limit

You're about to book a trip or make a larger purchase, but your credit card limit is too low or almost used up? In e-banking and in the Mobile Banking app, you can transfer funds quickly and easily to your card and instantly increase your available amount.

Tip #4

Tip #4

Save on costs and paper – get your credit card statements electronically rather than by post

Do you want to organize your finances more simply? Access your credit card statements electronically and securely in e-banking – automatically saved for you.

Tip #5

Tip #5

Forgot your PIN code – request a new PIN for free

Have you forgotten the PIN to your card? No problem. Simply order a new PIN code in e-banking for credit and prepaid cards, as well as for debit cards.

tip #6

Tip #6

Quickly fix a defective card – just ask for a replacement

Has your credit or debit card stopped working? Simply order a replacement card directly in e-banking or mobile banking. Your old card will be blocked automatically.

No time to look for loose change?

Thanks to the contactless function, just hold your credit or prepaid card to the reader – and you've already paid for your purchase.

Planning larger expenditures?

Conveniently increase the monthly or daily limit of your V PAY or Maestro card in e-banking or mobile banking.

Protect your Maestro card more effectively against misuse?

Define the geographical area in which your card can be used. This will increase your protection against unwanted card use.