Paperless invoices

How do I switch to paperless invoices for credit cards?

Paperless invoices are practical and environmentally friendly. In order to be able to switch to paperless invoices for credit cards, your credit card/prepaid card must be linked to E-Banking.

Note: existing direct debits for the payment of card invoices will not be affected.

You can enter your card under “Accounts & Cards > Settings for cards > Manage cards > Add card”. Follow the instructions there.

Switch to paperless invoices

On your smartphone

1. Log in to the Mobile Banking App.

2. Tap Cards.

3. Select the card you want to change settings for.

4. Tap the three points on the upper right.

5. Select Invoices.

6. Tap the gear icon at the top right.

7. Select Paperless invoice and save the switch.

On your computer

Switching to paperless invoicing in E-Banking

  1. Log on to E-Banking.
  2. Navigate to “Settings > Manage my cards” in the top right.
  3. Click “Credit cards > settings for invoices”.
  4. Activate paperless invoices by clicking on the slider on the right-hand side and confirm the change.
Switching to paperless invoicing in E-Banking

Digital bank documents

Switch to digital bank documents to receive your account statements and certificates electronically.

Setting up invoice reminders

You can set up SMS, e-mail and push notifications to notify you as soon as new invoices are available.

Paying credit card invoices

It is very easy to pay credit card invoices via E-Banking and Mobile Banking.