Make payments simply and securely with your smartphone

UBS TWINT – your digital wallet

  • For use by everyone, free of charge – even if you don’t have an account with UBS
  • Send and request money quickly and securely
  • Pay at Coop and collect Super Points at the same time
  • Make payments in shops, online and at snack machines

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Send and request money

  • Send and request money among friends with your smartphone
  • Only the recipient's mobile number is required
  • As easily as sending a text

Pay more easily online

  • No more tedious typing-in of numbers
  • Online shopping with your bank account or credit card
  • Select TWINT as payment type, scan the QR code on the screen and confirm the amount on your smartphone

Pay at the checkout

  • Pay for your shopping at the checkout with your smartphone
  • Add customer cards to the app and automatically collect points with "one tap", for example at Coop
  • Cash register with TWINT Beacon: switch on Bluetooth, select "Pay Now" in the app and hold your smartphone against the Beacon
  • Cash register without TWINT Beacon: open UBS TWINT, select the QR symbol in the app and scan the QR code on the terminal

Pay at vending machines without coins

  • No more hunting for coins at Selecta vending machines
  • Simply scan the QR code, choose your snack, and confirm the amount via the app

Download the app now