Having your own home gives you independence and the chance to make your dream living space a reality. Long term, it also helps you build your wealth and provide for your retirement. But even the best plans are no good if a sudden heating malfunction is enough to cause financial worries.

Headlines like “Mortgage interest rates at record lows” are a frequent sight nowadays. However, estimating the full cost of property ownership is not always easy. Indeed, your costs are made up of a variety of different items which, as with a SARON mortgage, you may only know at the end of the settlement period.

Costs apply at different times

Unlike the monthly rent, the costs of owning a home are incurred at different times. On the one hand, there are recurring costs such as interest and mortgage payments, utilities, insurance premiums or a service contract for the heating system. However, there are also one-off or irregular expenses which can sometimes only be estimated, for example maintenance or renovation costs. This proves to be an equation with several unknowns, especially for first-time buyers.

Meet Angela and Matthew Parker. They recently bought their own home, which is now furnished and ready to move into. They have received a few bills since they moved in, such as costs for the land registry and building insurance. Anything else the young couple may have to pay is not mentioned in any contract or cost breakdown from the seller.

A real estate budget planner that gives you clarity

The free digital real estate budget planner UBS Immo-Smart closes this gap. UBS Immo-Smart gives you an overview of all short- and long-term real estate costs, and shows you where you can make monthly savings. You thus minimize the risk of underestimating or even forgetting certain costs.

The tool helps you get a realistic idea of the total costs of property ownership:

  • Mortgage interest: actual costs based on your mortgage model
  • Mortgage payments: in line with contractual agreements
  • Utilities: normal guide values for all recurring expenses, e.g., energy and heating costs
  • Maintenance and renovation: guide values for all expenses related to upkeep, for example to replace an oven
  • Provisions: for unexpected expenses such as repairs or value-enhancing investments. This also applies to minor interest rate fluctuations for UBS SARON Mortgages.

Plan your finances worry-free

Become a budget expert with little effort. Set up a separate UBS Immo-Smart private account to plan your budget and save the amounts required. This will ensure you have enough liquidity for the budgeted costs. A further plus point is that you know exactly how much you pay into your real estate account and your costs – separate from your other household expenses.

UBS Immo-Smart makes various suggestions for creating your personal budget. These are indicative values that you can adjust at any time according to your aims and plans. While one kind of budget might cover, for example, your basic monthly costs, another might include money for unexpected expenses and long-term provisions.

How to access UBS Immo-Smart

UBS Immo-Smart is available free of charge in E-Banking to all clients who hold at least one UBS mortgage. Log in at

For more information about UBS Immo-Smart, go to

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