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Download and activate the app

1. Download the TWINT App

Download UBS TWINT for free to your smartphone.

2. Activate the app

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the app.

3. Use the app

UBS TWINT is very versatile and payment is instant. Send money to friends, or pay at the cash register, in online shops, and apps. Try it out now.

Requirements for use: you need a Swiss mobile number and Swiss bank account number. If you don’t have a UBS account, you’ll also need a credit or prepaid card and an official form of ID.

Features of UBS TWINT

Send and request money

You can transfer money instantly with UBS TWINT – from smartphone to smartphone. And you can request and receive money from friends and family too. In both cases, you can make your message more personal with a photo and a few nice words.

  • Tap the “Send” or “Request” button in the UBS TWINT App
  • Enter the desired amount and tap “Next”
  • Select the person
  • You can now enter a message or change your payment method
  • Confirm the action with a swipe (stroke the arrow from left to right)

Twint in online shops or apps

Online shoppers love UBS TWINT: simply open the TWINT App and scan the QR code with your smartphone – and that’s it. It’s almost as fast with the short code that’s displayed in the online shop or in the app. What’s more, your credit card details are stored securely in TWINT. This means you are always in control – and can save yourself the tedious task of typing in your credit card number.

  • As soon as you’re ready to pay for your online shopping cart, you can choose TWINT as your payment method – if available

On your computer:

  • A QR code and a numerical code will be displayed
  • Open the UBS TWINT App and click on “Scan”. Scan the QR code shown. If you want to enter the displayed numerical code manually, switch to “123” in the upper right corner of the app
  • Confirm the payment in the app
  • Check whether the order confirmation is displayed in the online shop

On your smartphone:

  • You will be asked to switch to the UBS TWINT App
  • Select the UBS TWINT App and log in to UBS TWINT
  • Confirm the payment in the app
  • Switch back to the online shop view and check whether the order confirmation is displayed

Pay at the cash register

You can pay with UBS TWINT at many cash registers using the QR code at the payment terminal. The cash registers at Coop and other stores are already equipped with TWINT payment terminals. To pay, simply activate Bluetooth, open the app and briefly hold your smartphone to the TWINT terminal.

You can also pay without a payment terminal by using TWINT QR codes. More and more farm shops in Switzerland offer this option.

  • Inform the sales staff that you would like to pay with TWINT or choose payment by card at the self-checkout
  • The TWINT QR code will then be shown on the card terminal display
  • Open the app and tap “Scan”
  • Use the app to scan the QR code
  • Confirm the payment in the app
  • Check on the card terminal whether the payment has been confirmed

At Coop:

  • Inform the sales staff that you would like to pay with TWINT or choose payment via TWINT at the self-checkout
  • Open the TWINT App and tap “Pay”
  • Hold your smartphone by the TWINT sign at the checkout until a confirmation message appears

Pay in other apps

You can also use the TWINT App to pay securely and conveniently in other apps, including SBB, Migros, Fairtiq, and Lezzgo. Simply add TWINT as your preferred payment method and your next ticket purchase will be even easier.

  • Open the overview of payment methods via the settings in the desired app (such as SBB).
  • Add TWINT as a payment method
  • Select TWINT as the payment method the next time you want to make a payment

And even more features in TWINT+

Simply tap TWINT+ in the UBS TWINT App to access a range of additional features.

Only pay for the parking time you use

Parking meters now take more than coins: you can also use TWINT to pay for your parking in more than 200,000 parking spaces – easily and directly in the app. And the best thing about it is that if you leave the parking space earlier than expected, TWINT will refund the difference. You will find the “Parking” function under “TWINT+”.

Here’s how

  • Tap the “TWINT+” button in the UBS TWINT App
  • Choose “Parking”
  • Select your parking zone by locating your position (localization must be authorized on your mobile phone) or scan the TWINT QR code on the parking meter
  • The first time you use the function, enter your license plate details or make sure that your license plate is displayed
  • Set the estimated parking time and confirm the payment
  • If you leave the parking space early, the paid parking time can be canceled at any time in the app (display at the top). The excess amount will be refunded to you

Twint digital vouchers and credit

You can buy digital vouchers and credit for yourself or as a gift in just a few clicks. Choose from a huge variety of products directly in the app – from providers including Spotify, Nintendo, Xbox, H&M, Zalando, Adidas and more. This function can be found under “TWINT+”.

Here’s how

  • Tap the “TWINT+” button in the UBS TWINT App
  • Choose “Digital vouchers”
  • Select the desired voucher and the amount
  • Confirm the payment. You can display the voucher code directly or view it later at any time via TWINT+

Donate to charity

You can support current donation projects in the TWINT App at any time. You have access to various aid organizations and their projects. You can find the donation function under “TWINT+”.

Here's how

  • Tap the “TWINT+” button in the UBS TWINT App
  • Choose “Donate”
  • Select the desired aid organization
  • Select the donation amount
  • Add your contact details if you would like a donation receipt
  • Confirm your donation

Withdrawing cash

Is there still somewhere where you can’t pay with TWINT? No problem! TWINT+ lets you withdraw cash easily in several small and large Sonect partner stores.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tap “TWINT+” in the UBS TWINT App
  • Select “Withdraw cash”
  • The Sonect page will open. Now tap “Cash withdrawal”
  • Follow the steps on the site

You will then receive a QR code. Show this in the Sonect partner store to collect your desired amount.

Collect payments easily – UBS TWINT for merchants

You can now collect payments cashlessly without a payment terminal, including at self-service points of sale. Your customers use TWINT to scan the QR code sticker and the amount is immediately credited to your account.

Fixed or a free-choice amount?

Select the QR code sticker that best suits what you’re selling.

Add your UBS credit card as a payment method and collect KeyClub points.

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