Benefit from a +0.5% interest rate bonus

In addition to the standard interest rate on the savings account.

Interest rate bonus for you

Get more out of your money

UBS key4 smart investing

Invest with UBS key4 smart investing

  • Get individual fund recommendations
  • Get started - from as little as 50 francs
  • Manage your investments conveniently via the app

UBS key4 pension

Save with UBS key4 pension 3a

  • Open your pension account in the Mobile Banking App
  • Save on taxes and decide for yourself how much you pay in
  • Invest your pension savings for potentially higher returns

UBS key4 FX

Enjoy cheaper foreign currency transfers with UBS key4 FX

  • Benefit from attractive exchange rates
  • Save on transaction fees
  • Available for up to 32 currencies

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