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Mobile Banking

Do your banking securely and conveniently with your smartphone

  • Just as secure as UBS e-banking
  • All E-Banking functions in a single app
  • Scan a payment slip, then simply confirm the payment
  • View your account balance and credit card spending at any time
  • Simple and secure login via PIN with the Access app

Not yet a client? You can also open your UBS banking package conveniently online.

Mobile Banking is as secure as UBS e-banking

The UBS Mobile Banking app has the same high standards of security as UBS e-banking.


Secure login via PIN using the Access app

Immediate notification of completed transactions via push message, text message, or e-mail

Automatically secured data connection to UBS with strong data encryption

UBS proprietary software with a high degree of protection against unauthorized access

Additional security with personal settings

> UBS security standards
> Practical security tips


All the e-banking functions in the Mobile Banking app



Control over your accounts and cards

Check your account balances and credit card spending at any time. If the amount available on your credit or prepaid card is insufficient, you can increase it conveniently while on the go. And you can block lost debit or credit cards yourself directly in the app.

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Make payments conveniently

Simply log in with the Access app and PIN, and get started. With the scan function you can pay your bills without having to laboriously type in the reference number. And the payment assistant can help with entering other payments.

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Automatic notifications

Set the events that you want to be notified about via push message or text message to your smartphone. This lets you see at once when your cards or accounts have been debited, for example, and always have full control over your finances.

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Personal Financial Assistant

Analyze where your money is going, while keeping an eye on your budget and savings at all times.

Portfolio and trading

Check the value of your custody accounts and portfolios, stay abreast of the financial markets using UBS Quotes, and execute trades directly via app.

Self-service for your cards

Change the limit for your debit cards and restrict the countries where they can be used. You can also block credit and debit cards, and order replacement cards.


You can activate the Mobile Banking app in just a few minutes

1. Install the app

Download the UBS Mobile Banking app for Android or iOS to your smartphone:

2. Log in and set up the app

Log in to the Mobile Banking app with the Access Card and card reader and follow the instructions in the app.

3. Activate the Access app for simple and secure login

The Access app lets you securely and conveniently log in and use all the functions without the Access Card and card reader.

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