Lawyers, fiduciaries and notaries Our consulting competencies for lawyers, fiduciaries and notaries

Whether for your practice, your clients, or your private life, you can get all the advice you need from a single source.

Our consultancy expertise for your specific requirements

Your personal advisor is your contact for every area. He or she can give you access to the specialists you need within our bank, and is an independent partner you can rely on for every question.

Our consultancy expertise for your specific requirements

For you as a professional and your practice 

  • Transaction accounts 
  • Escrow services
  • Capital payment account
  • Accounts for client funds
  • Investment advice and products 
  • Financing (including bank guarantees, financing for your practice)

For your clients 

  • Investment advice and products (including asset management, foundation solutions, etc.)
  • Services for charitable foundations
  • Financing (including Lombard loans, bank guarantees, mortgages)
  • Financial and retirement planning

For you as an individual

  • Investment advice and products 
  • Financial and retirement planning (retirement, taxes, succession, and pension fund solutions) 
  • Financing (including Lombard loans, bank guarantees, mortgages, construction and conversion projects) 

Specialist topics and expertise

  • Center of excellence for charitable foundations
  • Adult protection law / assets held in trust


  • Form A / Form R


  • Domiciliary companies / operating companies