Even more security for online payments

Security is a priority for us – with UBS Digital Banking, you can carry out your banking transactions in accordance with Switzerland's maximum security standard. Adjust your personal settings to increase security even more. It goes without saying that you can change the security settings again at any time.

Blocking or authorizing online payments for certain countries

In e-banking, you can easily block all the countries to which you have not yet transferred any money. Payments can then no longer be made to these countries in e-banking or the Mobile Banking app.

Setting a transfer limit

Determine a monthly transfer limit for payments via e-banking and the Mobile Banking app. If the limit is exceeded, no more online payments can be entered in the current calendar month.

Deactivating accounts for online payments

If you have several accounts, you can deactivate individual accounts for online payments. These accounts will be blocked for transfers and account transfers via e-banking and the Mobile Banking app.

Setting up online access without payment options

If you're particularly cautious: on request, you can sign a contract with UBS that will let you consult your accounts anytime, anywhere, but never execute any payments online. Please get in touch with us to modify this setting.

UBS Digital Banking. Totally practical.

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