Security tips for E-Banking and Mobile Banking

We spell Security with a capital S – do you? We’ve got six tips that will take you far with minimum effort.

Tip #1

Watch out for dubious payments

Always play it safe when making payments – even for very small amounts. Fake emails and SMS from parcel services are currently in circulation. They ask you to pay a small amount, which will ultimately allow the scammer to gain access to your card.

Before entering this type of payment, always check that you are expecting a delivery and that the tracking number corresponds. You should also make sure that the amount and recipient are correct when approving payments via the UBS Access App or SMS.

Tip #2

Log in securely – with the UBS Access app

UBS Mobile Banking and the Access app communicate with each other and automatically secure your connection to UBS. That’s why your smartphone is the secure login method without a card reader.

Important: enter your mobile number now

You must register a “mobile number for security messages” in Digital Banking to log in easily in future.

Tip #3

Keep an eye on cards and accounts – with push notifications

Set up notifications for account movements and card payments on your smartphone. This way you’ll get real-time information about debits and credits.

Tip #4

Act fast in an emergency – block your card immediately

Block lost or stolen cards right away and protect yourself from losses. This can be done any time in e-banking or mobile banking in a couple of steps.

Tip #5

Set up personal security settings – with country restrictions and limits

Adapt your security settings to your needs:

Tip #6

Store your documents securely – with UBS Safe

Digitalize important documents, certificates and contracts, and manage them directly in UBS Safe, your digital locker. Your UBS banking documents are automatically stored there too.

Never disclose your access data

Never confirm something with your Access card if someone asks you to. Remember: UBS will never ask you for your access data unprompted.

Don’t write down important PINS and passwords

Instead, learn the PINs for your debit and credit cards by heart. Also, don't save them in a password manager such as UBS Safe.

Review your digital security with the UBS Security Check

The Security Check shows you in a few clicks how you can shop online securely, safely store important documents and manage your passwords.

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