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Are you quite skeptical about handling your finances online? We’d like to show you that UBS Digital Banking is just as secure as your visit to our branch – and much more convenient.

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UBS Digital Banking: what does it actually mean?

By “Digital Banking” we mean the possibility of carrying out all your financial transactions on the Internet. Are you reading these lines on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone? You can use the same device to pay bills, view share prices, check your expenses and much more. Over 1.5 million people in Switzerland already use UBS Digital Banking to carry out their financial transactions quickly, conveniently and securely via digital channels.

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Three important advantages

Quick overview

Which payment has been made and when? Are all your standing orders up to date? You can find all your data at the touch of a button and view your account statements at any time.

Automatic notifications

You can choose to be informed immediately if your account balance slips below a defined value, an open invoice is waiting or a card payment is triggered, for example.

Pay bills everywhere

No more tedious typing of reference numbers thanks to the scanner on your smartphone. Or you can use the “eBill” function to have invoices sent directly to your account. All you have to do is approve them.

More security for you and your banking transactions with UBS Digital Banking:

UBS e-banking and the UBS Mobile Banking app deliver the highest security standards for your banking transactions.

For secure and convenient log in, use the UBS Access app. This automatically establishes a secure connection with UBS.

You can further increase your security by changing your personal settings.

Here’s how easy it is to shop from home

Want to keep your distance and stay at home if possible? No problem, even for shopping:

  1. Shop in the online shop of your choice
  2. Pay by UBS Credit Card
  3. Receive instant confirmation that the correct amount has been debited thanks to notifications

Pay bills from home without Digital Banking

With UBS easy you submit your payment slips to UBS for payment together with an order form. For all other invoices and transfers you can use UBS global.

No Digital Banking?

You can apply for Digital Banking online here. If this is not an option for you, you can find more information on alternative payment options without Digital Banking here.

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