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The fact that significantly higher numbers of clients used UBS Digital Banking in 2020 than ever before can be explained by the extraordinary circumstances. What is remarkable is the fact that the classic age distribution previously perceived in Internet use has been broken up: even older clients now perceive UBS’s self-service offerings on the Internet as a welcome and natural service. For UBS, this is a confirmation of its ambition to further expand Digital Banking from a transaction tool for everyday banking business to a comprehensive platform for financial services of all kinds.

Well informed and supported at all times

You can already open a retirement savings account 3a with associated investment instructions yourself in UBS E-Banking on your computer or in the UBS Mobile Banking App via your smartphone. Self-services in the pension segment are being expanded on an ongoing basis: Digital Banking provides you with a basis for decision-making so that you can make the right choice for pillar 3. UBS Vitainvest investment funds allow you to track returns, and you can choose to be reminded of the relevant deadlines and maximum amounts. This is another benefit of ongoing digitization. Clients receive the relevant information on their individual pension situation at the appropriate time.

Advice starts on the Internet

Today, clients are in digital contact with UBS twice a week on average, most frequently via smartphone. This has shifted a large part of the relationship to the Internet. UBS therefore now offers you more advice through this channel, as well as the opportunity to take the desired steps yourself. And whenever you need to, you can switch seamlessly from digital to face-to-face advice, whether on site or via video conference. This allows us to address your individual needs even more effectively during a personal discussion and gives us the chance to explain the advice provided in UBS Digital Banking.

First security, then comfort

Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent additional ways to ensure more and more digital security. Our systems continuously and autonomously analyze whether or not operations fit your behavioral biometrics (i.e., personal usage and transactional behavior) by constant verification of processes. If discrepancies are detected, you will automatically receive a message and can contact us immediately if misuse has occurred. An example of an anomaly detected by the system could be an attempted login to UBS Digital Banking via a new device or from another country.

UBS’s claim to be the leading digital bank also includes the principle of maximum security combined with the highest possible level of convenience for clients. For example, some clients nowadays find it cumbersome to have to combine the Access Card and the card reader, which is still required for individual transactions in UBS E-Banking. From now on, thanks to the UBS Access App and complementary components such as prevention and personal security settings, convenience can be combined with optimal security. At least for the majority who use suitable smartphones, the Access Card is no longer needed.

From client need to product

Although many UBS clients have several credit cards, they increasingly no longer rely on a physical card as they predominantly make digital payments. The answer to this need is the virtual credit card, which will be introduced this year.

It offers you other advantages besides the fact that it doesn’t take up any space in your wallet: since it eliminates the need to manufacture a plastic card, it is a good choice both ecologically and economically. Likewise, the costly replacement of a lost card is a thing of the past. The virtual credit card can be issued directly in UBS Digital Banking and just as easily registered in digital wallets or in the UBS TWINT App. The Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or UBS Mobile Pay digital wallets in the UBS Mobile Banking App are recommended for contactless payments worldwide: there is no longer any need to take your credit card out of your wallet at the store checkout or to register your credit card information in an online store.

Digital Banking at a glance

Want to know more about UBS E-Banking or the UBS Mobile Banking App? Have questions about apps, security or self-service? All the answers are summarized on our UBS Digital Banking page.

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