Simply secure: UBS Digital Banking

More security for your banking transactions

  • Secure and fast login method
  • Strong encryption of data
  • Secure connection to UBS via digital banking apps
  • Additional personal security settings
  • Recommendations on how to stay secure

Fourfold protection

With UBS Digital Banking, you can manage your banking with the utmost security.
These four building blocks ensure optimal security.

  • Secure and unmistakable identification
  • Advanced security settings and real-time notifications
  • Prevention with the help of artificial intelligence and our service
  • Your behavior and how to handle sensitive data correctly


The login method we provide clearly identifies you. Unauthorized parties don’t have access to your digital banking.

Use the Access app to easily log in with your smartphone using a PIN number – no card reader necessary.

Security settings

With UBS Digital Banking, you can manage your banking with the utmost security. We offer you several options to increase your security with personal settings.

Using the setup wizard in e-banking, you can easily block all countries to which you haven't yet transferred any money – and you can change this any time.

You can restrict the use of your Maestro card by geographical location, choosing to use it worldwide, in Europe or only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. That’s one example of how you can further protect yourself against the misuse of your card.

You can determine a monthly transfer limit for payments made via e-banking and the Mobile Banking app.

You can deactivate online payments for individual accounts if you have several of them.

Stay informed of account activity and card transactions via push notifications, text messages or e-mail. That way, you’ll always stay on top of your banking.

For security reasons, confirm new recipients once with the Access Card. This card is not connected to the internet and is therefore protected against malware.

Good to know: some payment recipients have already been checked and approved by UBS.  That includes, for example, most telephone and health insurance companies.

In your settings, you can also determine a monthly limit (a maximum of CHF 1,500) for which you want to forgo the additional confirmation.


We regularly check the processes in digital banking using artificial intelligence and compare them with your usual usage behavior.

All of your account transactions are automatically compared with your usual activity. If irregularities arise, we'll withhold the payment and inform you immediately.


You can check how secure you are based on our recommendations. 

Always start the login process on When establishing a connection, UBS e-banking provides you with a digital certificate. Here’s how you can check its authenticity:

  1. Click on the padlock symbol shown in the address bar (once or twice).
  2. The certificate displayed in the popup window must correspond to one of the following certificates.

When using the Mobile Banking or Access app, verification is automatic.

  • The login entry code for use on the card reader is always six figures. If fewer numbers are displayed, it’s an attempt at fraud.
  • Be careful if you receive unusual messages or if you're asked to install software or make unknown confirmations. If this happens, stop the login process immediately and contact Support.

Our digital banking apps automatically establish a secure connection and offer increased protection against such attempts at fraud.

  • Never give out personal data such as contract or card numbers or calculated security codes if someone asks for them, even if it appears to be someone from UBS. UBS will never ask you for that information – either by phone, e-mail or online.
  • Don’t confirm anything with your Access card if someone asks you to. After logging in, to ensure their authenticity, only confirm character strings with your Access card and card reader that you have entered yourself. This includes, for example, account numbers for a payment or changes to your own contact information (e.g. phone number).

If you want to relax your security settings in e-banking, you must confirm this with your Access Card. To do so, you’ll need to enter the word “OFF” in the card reader or Access Card Display. Then enter the code provided into e-banking.
Only confirm the word “OFF” if you personally changed these settings.

Always log out when you’re finished: you can do so with the Logout button in the top right corner of e-banking or under Logout in the Mobile Banking app menu.
We recommend emptying your browser’s cache after logging out.

Don't write down any PIN numbers or passwords; memorize them instead.
This especially applies to PIN numbers and passwords for debit and credit cards, payment solutions and your Access card.

UBS Security Check

Your digital security comes first.

Secure e-banking

Find out more about how to use e-banking securely in a video by "EBAS".

Security tips

Security is extremely important to us – and we make it easy. Our six tips can make a major difference with minimum effort.


Download all instructions for e-banking and Mobile Banking in PDF format.