Business succession Inheritance issues and corporate succession – private and professional

Deciding who should inherit your assets, and considering how to pass on your company, aren’t just technical questions, but emotional ones as well. These topics affect both your private and your professional life. We’re here to help you with both.

Inheritance issues and corporate succession

Succession planning

During a personal consultation we’ll analyze your situation regarding matrimonial property law and inheritance law, and identify the options open to you. We’ll also discuss settlements during your lifetime, such as gifts or anticipatory legacies. The contracts and testamentary dispositions you decide on will be drafted and then legally drawn up.

The benefits of succession planning

  • You know and decide who will inherit from you when you die, and you are informed about the succession process
  • You can take steps to ensure your own financial security and that of your surviving spouse/partner or other heirs
  • You receive information about inheritance taxes and suggestions on tax planning

An executor for your estate

As your executors, we will help you to manage your succession. We will represent your intentions as the testator, administer the estate, deal with liabilities, pay any legacies due, and distribute the inheritance according to your wishes as testator, in accordance with the legal regulations.

The benefits of an executor for your estate

  • Responsibility for the settlement of your inheritance is clearly defined and the heirs have a single point of contact
  • The settlement of your inheritance and administration of your estate are carried out professionally by experienced specialists
  • UBS has an international network at your service to deal with cases of cross-border succession

Corporate succession planning

We are committed to making sure that your company and your assets end up in the right hands – whether inside or outside your family. We will also help you to preserve as much value as possible, and enjoy the fruits of your life's work. Call on our services at an early stage, and take advantage of the extensive knowledge and discretion of our professional, experienced experts. Planning a company’s operational and financial succession is particularly challenging. In fact, it’s one of the most important and hardest strategic tasks of a responsible corporate leader. Let us help you get it right.

The benefits of corporate succession planning

  • You receive important food for thought that helps you work out strategic options and prepare your company for your individual succession solution
  • We will identify potential problem areas with the various options, and explain how these can be avoided
  • You will learn about ways to deal with tax planning, matrimonial property and inheritance laws, and retirement planning in connection with corporate succession, and we will help you to implement your decisions