Trade & Export Finance Securing and financing your international transactions 

Whether protection against financial loss or international trade financing, whether import or export operations – we know the risks in foreign business and will support you in all aspects of your international transactions. Talk to us about your needs so that we can support you with a customized solution.

Documentary credits

Documentary credit

The flexible instrument used commonly around the world for payment and security purposes. It reduces your risks in cross-border transactions with goods or services.

Documentary collections

Documentary collection

Documentary collection offers you far greater security than selling on open account, but not as much as a documentary credit.

Bank guarantees

Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee provides a targeted method for securing performance and payment. The bank guarantee is used in both local transactions in Switzerland and in the import and export business.

Export finance

Export finance

As a solutions provider for the Swiss export industry, we can also support your company with individualized, long-term financing solutions.

We trade

On the digital platform, you can easily manage the process from capturing a commercial trade to the delivery online.

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