Lost your wallet? What to do immediately if your wallet is lost or stolen.

You need to react quickly if your wallet is lost or stolen. Our checklist will help ensure you don't forget anything important.


Block your cards immediately

Prevent your cards from being misused by immediately blocking your credit, prepaid and debit cards via the Mobile Banking app or e-banking. Replacement cards will be sent to you automatically by post.

Report the incident to the police

Report the loss to police as quickly as possible. This is an important step both for insurance reasons and in order to apply for new official documents.

Apply for new identification and other documents

After losing your wallet, you probably no longer have your identity card, driving license, health insurance card, membership cards, loyalty cards and travel pass. Apply for new ones as soon as possible.

Report the incident to your insurance company

Report the loss of your wallet to your insurance company in order to make a claim for compensation.

Tip: Are you an Allianz customer and do you have an account at my.Allianz? If so, you can also link to your insurance in UBS e-banking, and make your claim directly through e-banking.

Here’s what to do in advance so you’re prepared for an emergency:

Tip 1: Save important documents, receipts, and insurance numbers in UBS Safe. This means you’ll have everything directly to hand if you lose your wallet.

Tip 2: Assign individual names to your cards in mobile banking. This will help you tell the different cards apart in an emergency. In cases when you need to act quickly, you’ll know immediately which card to block.

How to do it: In Mobile Banking under More > Settings > Access > Choose the accounts, custody accounts, portfolios and cards for mobile banking > Select the card and enter your personal details.