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More and more people are benefiting from digital invoicing directly in their E-Banking or Mobile Banking. The former digital invoice officially became eBill invoice in 2018. At the start of 2022, eBill broke the barrier of 2.5 million users in Switzerland for the first time.

eBill presents several advantages over other types of invoicing, which is why its has been so well received by clients: eBill performs better in all areas, be it comfort, reliability, cost, flexibility, control, transparency or sustainability. Are you taking full advantage of eBill and all its benefits?

You determine your level of control

eBill lets you receive digital invoices in UBS E-Banking or the UBS Mobile Banking App directly, so transferring payment details and typos are now a thing of the past. Set up the eBill notification service to be informed immediately via push notification, SMS or email when you receive a new eBill invoice in your mailbox. Soon you will also be able to choose whether you would like the notification service to remind you of any open eBill invoices due imminently.

By default, you receive each eBill invoice for review and can approve it for payment with just a few clicks. The latest possible payment date for the invoice is suggested automatically, though of course you can adjust this. You can also set up standing orders for each biller and specify the amount and period for which they are valid. You are free to tailor your eBill settings for optimum control and comfort and can adjust these at any time.

Authorizations are easily transferred

Use eBill Sharing to give someone else access to your eBill inbox. This lets them view all your invoice notifications, reminders, credit memos and invoices. They can also accept or reject invoices and reminders as well as download attachments.

This is a convenient feature for people living in the same household. You could also use it to help a family member in a separate household to make a payment. eBill Sharing works across banks, though payment is only made via whichever bank account you have authorized.

Fast setup, secure storage

Unless you are already using eBill, you can register directly in UBS E-Banking or in the USB Mobile Banking App. There are several ways in which you can register with individual billers:

  1. You can search for and add individual companies, such as your electric utility.
  2. By choosing appropriate settings, you can have billers whom you have paid before and who now offer eBill recommended to you automatically.
  3. You can determine whether billers can add you, meaning that you no longer have to worry about registering them. You will still be able to receive digital invoices in future from companies that don’t yet use eBill. You can find this new function (“Add billers automatically”) in your eBill settings.

Approved invoices can be accessed in UBS Digital Banking for up to 180 days. You can also save them on your computer or, even easier, in UBS Safe or in the UBS Safe App. This solution is also ideal for other important documents and passwords that you want to be able to access at any time. You can find this function by going to eBill > Settings > UBS Safe.

eBill at a glance

Questions? Do you want to set up eBill right away or perhaps find out more about the benefits? You can find all information about this on the UBS eBill page.

Ready for the future

You pay no costs with eBill, as paper is neither printed nor shipped. What’s more, thanks to the highest technical and organizational security standards, there has not been a single case of fraud or misuse with eBill.

And you are well equipped for the future, as eBill is constantly being enhanced. A study by SIX outlined that when you pay for something in the future with eBill, such as a new TV, you will also receive the warranty documentation and user manual straight away. You could then store these in UBS Safe.

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