Simple and secure payment with your smartphone:

You should be able to decide for yourself how you pay. Our mobile payment solutions let you pay contactless if you choose: whether by smartphone or smartwatch. The offer addresses the needs of many people who want things simple and safe at the checkout counter (but also when shopping online). And since the coronavirus, paying contactless without touching the card terminal is more in demand than ever.

What are mobile payment solutions?

Simply put, it‘s a wallet on your smartphone or smartwatch where you securely store your credit card details so you can have them quickly on hand at the checkout terminal when paying.

Our mobile payment solutions can be used worldwide at all cash registers where you can pay contactless with your credit or prepaid card. And contactless in this case means you don‘t have to type in a PIN at the checkout even for higher amounts – payment is confirmed on your smartphone or smartwatch by fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN or other mechanism to securely unlock your device.

UBS offers various mobile payment solutions and gives clients complete freedom of choice. For Android smartphones, you can choose from among three solutions. The UBS Mobile Pay function let‘s you easily and securely unlock your cards in the UBS Mobile Banking App. Then you only have to unlock your smartphone, hold it up to the card terminal and payment is complete. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are mobile payment solutions offered by Apple, Google and Samsung, respectively, and also enable contactless payment and purchases in selected online stores and apps.

Mobile payments at a click

You can find out in more detail in our overview about what features distinguish various mobile solutions and how you can use them.

How does mobile payment with a smartphone work?

Making contactless payments with UBS Mobile Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay is child‘s play, which is why it‘s becoming increasingly popular.

  • The app must be installed only once on the smartphone, the UBS Credit or Prepaid Card must then be stored on the respective app and confirmed. Of course, you have the option to store different credit cards in one app.
  • You hold up your smartphone (or smartwatch) directly to the card terminal of any terminal (card reader) with a contactless payment symbol. The data is transmitted via NFC (Near Field Communication), which are radio waves with a range of only a few centimeters.
  • You unlock your mobile device, select the credit card you want to use, and confirm payment.

Are mobile payment solutions secure?

The contactless payment system is equipped with various security features, so the risk of misuse even if you‘ve lost your device is minimized as much as possible.

  • The low range of NFC technology severely limits the opportunity of someone to intercept the transmission.
  • The credit card number is not transferred, but only a token, i.e., an encrypted virtual card number. This means the merchant never actually holds your credit card information.
  • If you lose your smartphone or smartwatch, you can locate the device or immediately deactivate the payment function of Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay by switching your device to  ”lost” mode via the search function in an Android device manager or in the Apple iCloud.
  • The payment function for UBS Mobile Pay can be blocked quickly and easily via the UBS Mobile Banking App. For example, you could do this with a friend‘s or partner‘s smartphone.
  • Additionally, all payment functions can be blocked at any time via UBS Customer Service.

UBS mobile payment solutions round off our range of payment solutions. You can choose if and when you want to pay contactless with your smartphone or smartwatch, UBS TWINT, UBS Mobile Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay.