Mobile payment UBS TWINT – a revolutionary payment app

Whether online, in stores or between friends, UBS TWINT makes payment easier. And soon it will offer even more advantages.

12 Jun 2017
Quick and secure mobile payment – 1. Between friends; 2. In stores; 3. In online shops.

Good food, good wine and good friends – these are the ingredients for a successful evening out at a restaurant. But only until the waiter brings the bill. That is when the discussions start. Who is going to pay? How will the total be divided up? And what do you do if your wallet is empty?

Thanks to the UBS TWINT app, all this is no longer a problem. One person pays the bill, and the others pay back their share conveniently and easily by mobile. Here’s how it works: Type in the amount and send it to mobile number of the person in question. One swipe across the mobile screen, and hey presto, the money is in your friend’s account. It’s as quick as sending a text message.

The inverse is also possible. A friend owes you money, and you feel it’s about time he paid up. In this scenario, all you have to do is send the person a quick payment request via UBS TWINT. As soon as your friend confirms the payment, you’re quits.

Super Points, discounts, special offers

And that is just the start, as UBS TWINT has a lot more to offer. It can already be used as a convenient payment method at the checkouts of many stores, such as Coop. At Coop, you can also collect Super Points if you save your customer card in the payment app. What is more, many merchants will soon be offering attractive special deals for users to enjoy when paying by smartphone.

Payment standard for Switzerland

UBS TWINT opens up a new dimension to online shopping, too. On the Galaxus and Digitec websites, for example, payments can be made simply by scanning in a QR code. UBS TWINT also means no more searching for coins at Selecta vending machines. Instead, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the machine, choose your desired snack and pay with a single swipe on your phone.

In contrast to Apple Pay and the Samsung solution, over 30 banks and leading retailers in Switzerland have got behind this new mobile payment standard. And their number is rising all the time. As the figures since the app’s launch show, its importance is increasing rapidly.

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