Software partnership Application for UBS software partnership

UBS software partners have the option of developing independent financial software for UBS Online Services clients based on the UBS OFX interface.

UBS clients log in to the software provided by the UBS software partner with their UBS Access Card and card reader (or Access Key) via the UBS OFX interface. The data from UBS Online Services is then loaded to the software of the UBS software partner. Clients can view and edit the data in the software and enter transactions, which are then transferred to UBS Online Services for execution via the UBS OFX interface.

Use of the UBS OFX interface is reserved exclusively for UBS software partners with a valid "Agreement on the use of the UBS OFX interface". In order to use the interface, the software also requires valid software identification.

If you are interested in becoming a UBS software partner, please register with us using the form below. We will contact you in the next few days.