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Leaving the workforce early, or reducing the number of hours you work, could subject you to financial penalties.

On one hand, you may need to draw on your retirement savings right away, and on the other, your benefits will be substantially reduced for each year of early retirement. We'd be happy to discuss with you how to best structure your assets, so you can afford to retire early.

And enjoy a care-free early or partial retirement.

Did you know that…

  • …for each year AHV is withdrawn early, lifelong benefits are reduced by 6.8%?
  • …you could possibly profit from your employer’s transition benefits?
  • …as an early retiree, you are required to continue making AHV contributions?
  • …in the case of early retirement, a staggered withdrawal of your pillar 3a investments could serve to close financial gaps and reduce taxes?
  • …early retirement reduces the second pillar in two ways? Not only are pension assets withdrawn early but important contribution years are lost, meaning benefits are reduced by roughly 7–8% annually.
  • …partial retirement or reduced working hours often pose interesting alternatives?

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How to cleverly plan and invest your pension assets over the long term.

Withdraw the second pillar as pension or capital?

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“Save taxes on retirement provision,” NZZ series on pension planning, 2017.

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