UBS Wealth Way

Your individual investment concept

What do you want to accomplish in your life? How do you plan on achieving them? And what worries you the most? Talk to us about your goals and challenges, and together we’ll find out what matters most to you – using our UBS Wealth Way consulting approach.

Our consulting approach

The UBS Wealth Way consulting approach is based on three key strategies: liquidity – to provide cash flow for short-term expenses; longevity – for longer-term needs; and legacy – for needs that go beyond your own.

To maintain your lifestyle

  • Entertainment and trips
  • Taxes
  • Purchase a home

To improve your lifestyle

  • Retirement
  • Health care and long-term care expenses
  • Purchasing a second home

To improve the lives of others

  • Giving to the family
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth transfer over generations

How do you define financial success?

And how do you want to plan your inheritance? Speak with us and let’s take a look at your situation and your goals together.

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