Set the right course early on

We’ll show you how you can optimize your income after you retire

Your income after retirement consists of three pillars:

  • AHV pension
  • Pension fund benefits
  • Earnings from restricted pension provisions and other investments

As a rule, both pensions will not be enough to cover your living expenses; after retirement,  income falls more sharply than the cost of living. Your earnings from free assets might serve to close this gap. But often you’ll need  to use up these assets, little by little, to support your lifestyle. So it's important to get a clear view early on regarding what your assets, income and expenses will be after retirement. You should also consider possible larger expenditures in areas such as leisure, health or the reconstruction/renovation of your home.

A timely review will also enable optimal tax planning.

Did you know that…

  • …living expenses generally stay the same or reduce only slightly after retirement?
  • …a staggered payout of retirement assets often means a difference of several thousand francs on your tax bill?
  • … the second mortgage normally must be paid back by retirement, and the affordability of the first mortgage might not be assured?
  • …good management of your pension assets is key to the long-term, sustainable protection of your income?

Withdraw your second pillar as pension or capital?

Choose which option is better for you.

Are you thinking about early retirement?

Plan early for the best financial results.

In keeping with the topic

“Investing starts at the age of sixty-six,” NZZ series on retirement planning 2017.

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