Regional Finalists and Winners

38 fintechs, selected from over 200 who applied to the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017 took part in regional finals in Autumn 2017. Watch the pitches that each of the contestants presented to the juries at the different finals and find out more about each of the companies that took part.

Hong Kong

Congratulations to the Asia Pacific Regional Winner of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017 – Dathena.



Dathena's data governance solution uses artificial intelligence to identify and classify all documents across an organization's system.


An electronic Platform that enables institutional brokers of exchange traded derivatives to provide best execution to clients, whilst streamlining existing trade lifecycle processes.


World’s first "View-Driven" Robo Advisor that helps investment advisors and high-net-worth individuals implement their investment ideas directly into a portfolio.

Censpot Trading (Sapiens)

An intelligent investment advisor providing insights on future trends of global market based on analysis on natural authentic unstructured and structured data.


Chynge Central is intelligent compliance-as-a-service that detects illicit money and illegal activities related to AML, CFT, and fraud in cross-border payments.

Law International (Equalr)

Equalr is a data analytics and trading support tool combining our proprietary artificial intelligence technology and the team’s knowledge and experiences in trading and finance.

Hedge Vista

HedgeVista is a Saas platform for hedge funds and allocators to connect and engage. The platform introduces new efficiency, cost savings and effectiveness across the investment cycle.


With, individuals own their digital identity and data, businesses get secure seamless customer interactions and data requests.

Alpha Fintech (Oro Wealth)

Intelligent Wealth Advisory Assistant. A ‘Central Intelligence Hub’ created using technology and data, which will enable human advisors become more efficient.


Congratulations to the EMEA (London) Regional Winner of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017 – Secure Cloudlink.

Secure Cloudlink

Secure Cloudlink

Secure Cloudlink uniquely combines "unhackable" security tokens with the latest biometric technology, with no passwords ever created, stored or transmitted.


AlgoDynamix provides financial risk forecasting solutions giving investment banks and asset managers hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements.

Asset Vault

AssetVault provides protection products for consumers, cataloguing all of their physical and digital assets in secure register, and protecting these assets through digital wills and insurance products.


BlockEx is a Digital Asset eXchange Platform (DAXP) - built for creation, issuance and exchange of digital assets, using blockchain technology.

Cognitiv plus

Cognitiv+ offers a platform that extracts knowledge from legal data. We extract contractual obligations and risks, monitor relevant regulatory change and trigger alerts when action is required.


Delio helps financial institutions connect private asset investments with (ultra) high net worth capital through interlinked white-label platforms, configured to their needs.

Financial Network Analytics

The technology empowers data scientist to build visual intuition of interconnected market dynamics, improving portfolio management, stress testing and stakeholder communication.

Know your Customer

Radically improving the process of corporate KYC & AML with a case management system that extracts beneficial owner structures from automatically collected corporate filing documents.

Projected AI / Legal Eyes

LegalEyes uses natural language processing and unsupervised machine learning to interpret and identify the legal risks hidden in rewriting legal documents where multiple clients are involved.

SafeScribe (Conversational Logic)

Never again write something you'll later regret.

New York

Congratulations to the New York Regional Winner of the UBS Future of Finance 2017 – Authomate



Authomate's Strong Pass technology shifts the burden of authentication from a human’s memory to their smartphone, allowing enterprises to implement strong security policies that can be easily adopted by humans.


The product is an intelligent layer connecting existing systems, guiding people efficiently through processes, automating mundane tasks, and providing real-time visibility into your operations.

Decipher Finance

Decipher is the next step in robo-advice creating a tailored financial plan for you like a custom-made suit that protects your goals and superpowers your investments.


Elsen provides a platform-as-a-service that makes it easy for large financial institutions to build and deploy intuitive, web-based applications that quickly crunch massive amounts of data.

Fin Mason

FinRiver delivers institutional-grade investment analytics via a lightning-fast API. It is designed to be easy to integrate, highly scalable, and affordable (commoditizing analytics).

Global Regulation

Global-Regulation is the largest search engine of laws from around the world. We provide 1.6 million laws and regulations from 90 countries, in English. We've translated 750K laws from 30 languages.


Inpher's Secret Computing™ Technology enables secure, privacy-compliant machine learning and analytics on sensitive data with zero-knowledge.

Mindbridge Analytics

MindBridge Ai leverages artificial intelligence technologies to analyze 100% of transactions in datasets to uncover material irregularities in data, presented in an intuitive user interface.


Overbond brings all bond market participants together, making primary bond issuance digital, transparent and secure. The platform connects issuers with dealers and investors directly.


We believe the future of wealth requires combining the best of digital and human experience, Digital Agent is created to create stronger connections between brand, customer and advisors.


Wondereur's Art Investment Engine™ allows investors, wealth managers and insurers to strategize and track the performance of their investments in the contemporary art market.


Congratulations to the EMEA (Zurich) Regional Winner of the UBS Future of Finance 2017 – Alyne



Alyne makes managing risk and complying with laws and regulation as easy as browsing social media through a next generation software as a service.


3rd-eyes is the smart financial planning system for the self directed investor with an assessment of the client's wealth, financial goals and values to deliver tailor made investment recommendations.


Algosave re-invents credit risk modelling in order to help banks save billions in core capital.


Today, 90% of all customer journeys start online but a surprising 70% want personal advice on complex topics before signing on the dotted line. Baningo seamlessly connects potential clients searching online with qualified advisors.

I Know First

Self-learning AI-based algorithmic forecasting solutions for the capital markets. The underlying technology of the algorithm incorporates ML, artificial neural networks, and genetic algorithms.


OFNK analyse financial transactions and supplement them with various information about the merchants and the purchase itself to derive the environmental impact of the purchase.


Sentrycs provides Identification Layer for the Internet. Sentrycs is real-time, low-friction, strong, multi-factor, in-context, Identification-as-a-Service for Web and Mobile apps.

Wealth Initiative

Marketplace and valuation platform for non bankable assets (real estate, art, passion investments and shares in private companies).