Foreign transfers As easy as never before

We carry out your international payment quickly, securely and cheaply. We work closely with partner banks abroad. As a result, your payment reaches its recipient as quickly as possible – regardless of whether you're transferring money within Europe or worldwide. 

Overview of international payments

  • UBS international payment order extra and standing order for an international payment
  • SEPA payment for a transfer in euros
  • Electronic payment entry in UBS e-banking and the mobile banking app and at a UBS Multimat
  • Order submitted electronically or on paper 

Electronic international payment in detail

You can make your international payment simply and cheaply via e-banking or using the mobile banking app. The lowest-priced order type will be automatically suggested when you enter your payment.

At a UBS Multimat you can make your international payment at any time without access to the internet. You have round-the-clock access to a Multimat in almost all UBS branches. You have numerous functions at your disposal at a Multimat, including entering domestic or international payments, requesting account balances or printing account statements. 

Paper-based international payments

UBS easy international gives you an easy way to make your international payment transactions at home. You can pay invoices in Swiss francs or euros using a payment slip. We offer the International Payment Instruction (IPI) form for payments in other currencies.

You can use UBS global for payments without a payment slip. Transfers can be made in Swiss francs or foreign currencies.

Electronic and paper-based standing orders

For regular payments to the same recipient abroad, we recommend a standing order. You can submit a standing order in e-banking, at a Multimat or in writing. You can also use the “Payment templates” function in e-banking for recurring single payments.

Good to know

International payment order with SEPA in euros

SEPA is the low-cost and simple option for an international payment in euros. SEPA stands for single euro payments area and is a uniform payments standard in Europe. SEPA enables you to transfer amounts in euros to participating financial institutions in the European Union and the European Economic Area securely, quickly and cheaply.

International payment order and international extra

You can make transfers worldwide using the international payment order. We offer the international payment order extra at a flat rate for some countries. Detailed information is available in the international payments product information sheet (PDF, 399 KB).

If you have any questions or require support, please contact us. Our client advisors will be happy to help you with any questions you may have in relation to payment transactions.