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With UBS you can take care of your banking transactions quickly, easily and reliably, whether for domestic payments, liquidity management, or to meet the complex requirements of international cash management. We give you professional advice and the ideal solutions for all your needs.

The basics for your transactions


Whether for your day-to-day business, liquidity investments, or foreign currencies, we can offer the ideal business account.


Our credit cards let you simplify your expenses and travel management, and thus increase the efficiency of your company.

Making and receiving payments

Are you looking to process your payment transactions with maximum efficiency? We offer the right solutions for domestic and international payments incoming and outgoing payments.

Expanded cash management solutions

Transparent reporting

Our comprehensive reporting shows you your cash transactions and account balances at all your banks at all times.

Direct access to UBS

Our electronic interfaces make sure that your payment and cash management processes run efficiently, securely and automatically.

Effective cash pooling

With our cash pooling solutions, you can manage your liquidity precisely, while also optimizing your interest income.

Simplify your transactions with SumUp PIN+ – the payment system you can take with you

SumUp PIN+

Whether you’re a  stall-keeper or mechanic, run a taxi company or deliver pizzas, the handy SumUp PIN+ card terminal simplifies your transactions. With SumUp PIN+, your clients can pay even the smallest amounts at anytime and anywhere with a Maestro or credit card using your smartphone or tablet. So you no longer need to worry about having change and cash reserves.

Investing surplus liquidity

Do you want to optimize the returns on your cash holdings as part of your liquidity planning? We can help you with suitable solutions for investing surplus liquidity.

Harmonize your payment transactions

Find out more now about the new procedures and standards for transfers, slips and direct debits in Switzerland.

Corporate Cash Management News

Find out more about current cash management topics, geared towards Swiss companies with international operations.

Constantly connected to your bank

Take care of your banking transactions efficiently and conveniently with UBS e-banking and our many specialized online services for companies - wherever and whenever you want to.

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