KeyClub points now digital

ePoints are the new standard

Since 1 October 2020, all of your KeyClub points are digital. This means that from now on you’ll be receiving your points and statements electronically1.

How you benefit from ePoints

Where do I find my points?

Select the type of points that you’ve been receiving until now and we’ll explain where to find your ePoints.

Perfect. You’ll find your points in the same place as before. Nothing’s changed for you.
Happy shopping!

We’re not issuing any more paper checks. From Januar 2021, you’ll see your digital points in E-Banking. You’ll also receive your statements electronically in UBS Safe. You can redeem your points at any time in our eStore.

Have you earned more than 25 points (2020: 10 points) throughout the year? We’ll send you your points for the year as a points card in January of the following year, together with your points statement. You can redeem the points in the eStore.
You’ll receive the points card automatically – there’s no need to do anything. 

Apply for Digital Banking and start collecting ePoints. 

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