Taxes made easy with UBS Digital Banking

You can prepare your tax return even more efficiently with UBS Digital Banking. These tips will give you an overview of tax-related data and statements as well as the savings potential permitted by law.

Tip #1

Store your salary statement, receipts or insurance expenses in UBS Safe

Your personal UBS Safe lets you digitally store private documents in one folder throughout the year. Scan your hardcopy documents with the UBS Safe App or, if they are digital, use the upload function.

Tip #2

Receive and access all relevant digital UBS bank documents directly in UBS Safe

Automatically receive documents relating to your tax return in UBS Safe. You can access these certificates and asset statements in the UBS Safe via the filter category “Tax reporting.”

Tip #3

Save on provisional taxes throughout the year with a standing order

Set aside a fraction of your taxes every month with a standing order. That way the desired amount is available when you need it. You can set up a standing order online in just a few steps.

Tip #4

Automatically pay into pillar 3a

Every year, there is a legally specified maximum amount that you can deduct from your taxable income out of the sum paid into your pillar 3a retirement savings account.

The easiest way to make a payment is via “Payments > Payment to Fisca account” in E-Banking. The maximum permitted amount will then be distributed over the year in monthly or semi-annual payments – and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Savings tips for the pillar 3a retirement savings account

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