Now available: UBS key4 gold

Buy and sell gold easily on your smartphone. Here’s how:

How can I invest in gold?

Simply download and install our UBS Mobile Banking App.

Log in and you are ready to start investing in gold. Tap “Markets & Trading” in the side menu and then “UBS key4 gold.”

Why invest in gold?

Precious metals, especially gold, are not only for industrial use, but also represent a store of wealth in the long term. Consequently, gold as an investment usually performs well in turbulent economic times.

What is UBS key4 gold?

UBS key4 goldmakes buying and selling gold easy and secure.

With UBS key4 gold:

  • you own physical gold
  • your gold is stored in a secure UBS vault
  • you won't need to leave home to buy or sell gold – do it comfortably from your smartphone

The function is currently available as a beta version. In other words, we want to further expand the opportunities offered by UBS key4 gold based on feedback from our clients. So feel free to tell us what you think of the new feature. Just click on the star in the function at the top.

How do I buy and sell gold?

In UBS key4 gold, you buy and sell gold in four simple steps:

  1. In the Mobile Banking App, open UBS key4 gold
  2. From the menu, tap “Buy/Sell”
  3. Enter the desired amount
  4. Check the amount and price, and confirm your choice