Know tomorrow’s exchange rate today

Fix the exchange rate for your business in advance and protect your margin. Is it worth it for your company?

Why you should freeze your exchange rate with UBS

Stay in control, even in uncertain times

Volatile markets? Tough competition? Pandemic? Concentrate on the touchpoints you can influence directly. Such as the right exchange rate for your strategy.

As easy as making a transfer

Whether by telephone or in Digital Banking: a forward transaction for currency hedging is quick and easy to arrange. Do you want to secure various payments flexibly? That's quick too.

We help you to understand the details

Are you hearing about our currency hedging offer for the first time? Our experts will check whether the service meets your requirements – free of charge. They're also there for you with helpful recommendations.

International transfers: additional services

With UBS, every aspect of your international transfer is in the best hands. With 120 currencies, we offer almost every possible payment combination. And with our payment tracking, you won’t just know where your money is at all times – you’ll also know in advance how much the order will cost.