Turn your excess liquidity into smart investments

How much cash do you really need?

Liquidity strategies are important for investment success, but you can have too much of a good thing. Today's negative interest rate environment has increased the costs associated with holding cash – and it is a drag on returns. With our cash management calculator, you can work through your personal numbers to get a good sense of your investment budget. This allows you to make a sound decision on how to put your excess cash to better use.


Investment tips for every phase in life

  • Align your portfolio to your financial and personal goals
  • Set the right investment strategy to match your lifestyle in every financial market situation
  • Avoid classic investment traps

Key Strategies

Build wealth by investing strategically

Build wealth by investing strategically

Discover our tailor made solutions and investment ideas which are best suited for you.

My liquidity strategy

How much cash do I really need? Investment strategy insights. This publication analysis the optimal amount of cash to hold for investors in Switzerland.

My liquidity Strategy

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